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3 Ways to Become More Comfortable With Your Inner Self

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What drives your behavior—demands of society or your inner self? There are many facets to the human psyche and many believe that we are driven from the demands of our society and the world around us, but the truth is that we are driven by the inner self rather than the outside world. Some people are conscious of this reality and others are not aware that they are driven by their soul.

The inner self influences the decisions people make and how they choose to live their lives. The key is to become comfortable and happy in your own skin. There are many things people can do to make themselves happy and comfortable with who they are as a person. This article will explore three ways a person can become comfortable with themselves and positively impact the world.

Your Inner Self and Happiness

One key to inner happiness is to have balance. A mind that is not balanced over a long period of time will become prone to mental illness. Some people engage in religion and follow spiritual gurus to get balance in their lives. Others take drugs to create balance or take the edge off. The use of drugs may be the easiest way to balance one’s mind.

However, there is another way that is safer to seek balance based on human energy levels and a person’s ability to accept that he/she can raise his/her own consciousness. One of the greatest ways to become comfortable and happy with self is to meditate. Meditation and relaxation create a natural high and clarity of self that is better than any drugs can do for the human psyche. Once happiness is achieved within, self-confidence will be improved, and you will begin to care less about what others think of you.

Your Inner Self Reflected in Your Outer Appearance

Another key to inner happiness is to like your outer appearance. The way a person perceives their outward appearance plays a major role in the decisions they make throughout their life. Many people that are obese, shun away from crowds so that they will not be ridiculed due to their weight. Some skinny people believe that they would look better if they lost more weight, so they starve themselves at the risk of becoming anorexic. These responses show that the inner person feels powerless when engaging the broader society due to their perception of their outer appearance.

The truth is, that for them to be empowered it must come from within. The person that is obese has the power to decide to workout. He/she can begin to take acetyl l-carnitine which will begin to cause their body to lose weight. The acetyl l-carnitine benefits are amazing because it helps build muscles, reduce muscle, increase testosterone levels and better insulin sensitivity which all leads to healthy weight loss. The skinny person can decide that she is beautiful and start eating without regurgitating her food. All these changes begin with having a positive inner self that encourages you when the world treats you bad and gets you down.

Giving to Others

A third key approach to becoming comfortable and happy in your own skin is to give to others. It takes a balanced person that is happy with themselves to see the pain and struggle in others. Sometimes people are in the valley of their own struggles and cannot see the hardship of the people near them. A person that becomes content with who they are inwardly and outwardly will develop a high capacity of empathy to love and give to others.

Many charitable people give because they have a healthy vision of themselves and see all humans as equal. These people began to understand that to help the poor and impoverished uplifts humanity. In addition, the joy they feel from giving can empower them greatly raising their self-esteem causing them to become comfortable and happy in their own skin.

By practicing these three ways to become more comfortable with your inner self, you will become happier and more willing to express acts of service to those around you.


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