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20 Rules of Dining Etiquette You Need To Know

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Dining etiquette plays a role in everyday life, as well as our professional lives. Often, we enjoy a get-together or conduct meetings over lunch/dinner. Having proper dinner etiquette is extremely important because it not only helps you while eating but also leaves a positive impression on the people who are dining with you and you feel confident about yourself. Below mentioned are the top 20 dinner etiquette rules which you need to follow in your daily life for developing a good habit.

Some helpful rules of etiquette

  1. Be a responsible host: The host should be in charge of all the arrangements such as booking a table at the restaurant to directing the guests.
  2. Use your napkin well: When you’re at a dinner make sure you put your napkin on your lap as soon as you sit down. Unfold and keep it once you’re done.
  3. Never start eating before your host: One of the important table etiquettes is to wait for the host to start his meal else it is considered a sign of disrespect.
  4. Pulling out someone’s chair isn’t necessary: It isn’t important to pull out a chair for anyone irrespective of their gender. During a business dinner, it is important to maintain formal dining etiquette.
  5. Close your mouth while eating: One of the important dining table manners is to keep your mouth closed while eating else it could really annoy the guests.
  6. The phone should be kept away: It is very important to maintain proper dining etiquettes. One of them is to keep your phone silent while on a dinner table.
  7. Never drink water while chewing food: One must always complete having their food and then drink water. It is never a good idea to drink water while eating.
  8. Seasoning food is important: It is always a proper table manner to taste your food before seasoning it.
  9. Always eat quietly: Chewing food loudly is a sign of bad manners. Thus, always eat quietly when at a dinner table.
  10. Never multitask: When you need to sip your wine, keep your fork and knife away. Do not try doing more than one thing at once.
  11. Make a proper gesture: It is very important business dinner etiquette to use your hands to make a gesture. Never use your fork and knife to do so. Recommended reading: Why body language is important
  12. Always remember the “BMW” code: The code “BMW” stands for bread, meal and water. It means that your bread must be on the left, the meal in the middle and water on the right.
  13. Compliment the food: It is always appreciated if you compliment the food or the cuisine you have eaten especially if you’re not the host.
  14. Do not wait too long for a guest: It is advisable to not wait for more than 15 to 20 minutes for a guest who is arriving late.
  15. Maintain your posture: Always sit straight on you chair. Do not bend or slouch back in your chair at a formal or business dinner.
  16. Do not place your purse at the dining table: The dining table is already a very crowded place. Do not add to it by keeping your personal stuff on it.
  17. Refrain using a lipstick: It is better for a woman to not put on a lipstick in a formal dinner. The stains of the lipstick look bad on the wine glass and the napkin.
  18. Do not eat too fast: Always eat slowly at the dinner table. Eating too fast shows you are only concerned about eating your meal fast.
  19. Handle burps gracefully: When you’re about to burp keep your mouth covered with a napkin and say, “excuse me”. Do not burp out loud suddenly.
  20. Tipping: Never leave the restaurant without tipping. Tipping is a way of showing gratitude to the servers or waiters and you should never miss this.

To conclude we should remember that dining etiquette and proper attitude is extremely important as it portrays our personality.

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