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10 ways to manage anger

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Is your anger getting out of control and you can do nothing about it? This is a problem mostly in mid-aged people or it might start from the late twenties. Anger is a very natural emotion but too much of it is harmful. Anger is a state of mind and now you should be happy to hear that there are ways of controlling it. If you wish to express anger, learn to do that without hurting anyone. It’s all about controlling your emotions so you can manage anger. Dealing with anger in a very positive manner is the aim because too much anger can actually take a toll on your health and destroy relationships. This may come as a surprise, but scientists say that collagen supplements are very good in controlling anger and there are so many other ways.

Here are the 10 best ways of anger management:

  1. This twice before you speak out – try to take control of your tongue and this is possible only when you consciously try to control anger yourself. It’s an initiative and you must be aware that you are always controlling Take time, think properly before you say anything. Thinking basically decreases the wrath and helps you to become more rational.
  2. Try expressing once you have cooled down – Try expressing your anger without confronting. Speak about your concerns directly without hurting anyone else.
  3. Do not ignore timeouts – Do you think timeouts are only for kids? Take short breaks during the whole day so that you can de-stress yourself. You will feel relaxed if you spend some time quite and alone. This will help you to control situations in a better way.
  4. Some exercise – You cannot escape exercise if you wish to have a great life. Exercise takes control of your entire body and renders only positive results. Daily exercise and brisk walks help to reduce stress and keeps anger under control.
  5. Finding solutions – How many of us are actually focused on finding solutions? Make it a habit not to grump or blame the situation but come up with a solution. Keep on reminding yourself that anger breaks, it never fixes anything.
  6. Holding grudges is harmful – Keeping grudges within you gives birth to more and more wrath. Learn to forgive and try to keep negative feelings away. Learn to smile, take things lightly to keep bitterness away and focus on building relationships.
  7. Humor is a great medicine – Learn to laugh and it will help to diffuse anxiety, stress, and anger. Do not have a tendency to use sarcasm but only good humor is welcome.
  8. Relaxation – Relaxation eases tension, it purifies your body and mind. You can sit and relax, try some yoga poses, listen to good music and try to be calm.
  9. Collagen supplements – Are you fuming too frequently and you are gradually aging? Yes, anger is very much related to age and how would you take control of it? Did you hear of collagen? Yes, the protein that is essential for restoring your age. It gives you a good body, great skin, and awesome mood. Collagen and gelatin are the same and both contain glycerin in high amount. Glycerin is an amino-acid which is not very useful and it is also an inhibitory neurotransmitter which essentially keeps anxiety and anger under control and helps you get enough good sleep. When sleep stability increases and someone sleeps for longer duration, the mood automatically stays cool. If you are suffering from excessive anxiety, start taking collagen supplements.
  10. Seek help when needed – Anger management is a challenge for those who really need it. Seek help immediately if you feel your anger is getting out of control and you might do something regrettable.

Do you need counseling?

If you cannot take control over your anger by following the ten tips mentioned above, don’t hesitate to opt for counseling. Grudge and wrath do no good, it only increases the chances of stroke due to high pressure and can cause other psychological ailments. There are many psychologists who can actually be great mentors and help you to deal with the situation better than anyone else. According to experts, a very angry person can take 50% control of his/her anger in approx. 8-10 weeks. Keep rage at bay and lead a happy life.

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