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10 Ways to Improve Yourself

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Self-improvement is an important aspect of daily life and growth as a human being. However, it may not be so easy to figure out just how to improve yourself. There are many different ways to improve yourself, some easier than others but all just as worthwhile. Personal improvement is crucial to a long, healthy and fulfilling life. Those who never try to work on self-improvement will never grow or experience wonderful parts of their experience here on earth. However, self-improvement isn’t always easy, and figuring it out could be harder than actually sticking to it and having it happen.

While there is no one size fits all for improving oneself, there are many ways it can be done, such as:

1. Take time for daydreaming

Dreaming of new things, even if it’s just of a place which you enjoy has been shown to increase productivity and reduce stress. These two benefits alone will bring about daily change, and eventually a deep personal change.

2. Have more intimacy

Intimacy in all forms is crucial to happiness and self-improvement for many. Better intimacy and connection could cause self-introspection, as well as reduce health risks like certain cancers and has been shown to help with depression as well as other mental health issues. Intimacy, like cuddling, is also a natural painkiller, so maybe don’t let that headache stop you next time.

3. Make time for exercise

Exercise is important for many aspects of one’s life, especially a healthy life. Taking time for a little bit of exercise every day may help with more than weight issues. Exercising promotes mental health as well as physical health and may even help clear your head and lower aggression.

4. Eat well, particularly chocolate

Studies have shown that the chemicals found in dark chocolate can help promote a healthy body and mind. The chemical in this type of chocolate is shown to have similar effects that exercising does. Some believe this chocolate to work as an aphrodisiac as well, adding an extra bonus to picking up some chocolate, but who needs an excuse?

5. Volunteer for a cause you care about

While it may take away from your personal time, studies have shown that when someone volunteers their time to a cause that matters to them, they tend to have a mood boost, personal growth and may even have a boost in self-esteem. Everyone wants to feel important, and volunteering is a great way to do it.

6. Give some gifts

While it may sound odd to some, giving is truly better than receiving, and the act of spending money on others has been shown to boost mental health.

7. Eat better, and spend wiser

Studies have shown that using a credit card over cash has resulted in poorer food choices. Do your body and mental health some good by using cash to buy healthier food options for you and your family.

8. Find connections, and belong to things

Humans have a need for belonging and connection with others around them. A large aspect of self-growth is done through connecting and learning from others, which is why finding meaningful connections could go a long way.

9. Take a new hobby

Learning something new not only increases your intelligence, but it also gives one a sense of being and may even help you relax and grow in the process. Many people buy self-help books, usually from one of the 150+ Best Self Help Books, and others look elsewhere for personal improvement, such as trying a new hobby.

10. Be optimistic, and enjoy the small things in life

Whole life may not always be easy going, taking time to enjoy the little things and being optimistic can do major things for your life, your outlook on life, your personal growth and health in general.

The path to self-improvement is often a rocky one, but it can be done. There are many ways one could experience growth, whether it be by reading self-help books, or by embarking on a spiritual journey, there’s no wrong way to do it. One should strive to improve themselves daily, even in the smallest of ways, as their life and health will surely benefit from doing so.

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