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10 Ways to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness

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Many of us are constantly battling the day-to-day stress that life brings, whether it’s a demanding job, not having a job, debt, injury, illness, or a plethora of other life situations and events that cloud our mental clarity and prevent us from leading a consistently happy existence.

What’s more unfortunate is that it’s usually hard to tell if and when the stress will fade, and sometimes more problems may pop up before you even conquer the original one. Thankfully, there are some easy and convenient ways to ensure that you are working to beat your stress level and boost your happiness quotient on a daily basis.

Ways to beat stress

1. Start Your Day Early

Consciously make the decision to rise each morning at least thirty minutes earlier than you usually do and see how much more refreshed you will be. You will be amazed at the extra time you have to contemplate the day and doing things you have never done before merely because you didn’t give yourself a bit of extra time to do it.

2. Express Yourself

Sometimes feeling repressed can lead to stress because you are not giving yourself a way to express how you are feeling.

Singing is one way to do this. Studies have shown that singing actually releases pheromones in the body and reduces cortisol, the hormone that produces stress.

3. Learn to Love Yourself

You can still care about others and their needs but still care about what makes you happy. Being a bit selfish will make you feel gratification for a job well done or being a better person and lead more positive feelings overall.

4. Do Something Physical Regularly

Exerting energy not only gives you a healthier body, but it promotes a healthier outlook in general. To focus your efforts on physical health takes your mind off of matters that may be making you anxious and unhappy. It also gives you a chance to clear your mind and look at a bad situation in a more constructive and positive light.

5. Do Breathing Exercises

You can practice breathing deeply as you inhale through your nose into your abdominal region. This can be done in rush hour traffic as easily as it can be accomplished on a mat in a yoga studio to keep you in a calm frame of mind.

6. Practice Aromatherapy

Breathing in an essential oil aroma, whether directly or using a diffuser, triggers certain areas of the brain and has a calming or pick me up effect that happens almost instantly and can last for hours in an essential oil-infused environment.

Some essential oils for reducing stress and improving mood are lavender, roman chamomile, bergamot and ylang ylang.

7. Have a Regular Spa Day

Not only are facials and massages the ultimate de-stressor, a spa day is also something you can look forward to once a month of bi-weekly when the stresses of life are beginning to make you feel depressed or anxious to get away.

8. Be Grateful and Optimistic

According to many psychological experts, feeling grateful about just being alive and practicing at having an optimistic outlook on life is all many people need to promote greater happiness in their life and reduce their level of stress. When you feel lucky about your life and you even pay back a little bit to others, it physically releases endorphins that make us feel better.

9. Balance Out Your Life

Don’t let either work or home take over your life. Make sure you are consciously balancing both responsibilities in a way that will alleviate most of your stress. Manage this by making sure everyone around you is aware of your priorities as well as avoiding overcommitment to others.

10. Avoid Chaos

Organize. It doesn’t matter if it’s your desk at work or the junk drawer at home, just the process of having to look at clutter and mess on a daily basis leads to heightened stress levels. The more order you can bring to your surroundings, the happier you will feel in general because you will be more productive overall.

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