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10 Tips On How To Plan A Stress-Free Wedding

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Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful and expensive events in a person’s life. One of the first things that you would is deciding the venue and guest list, but there will still be months of planning, months of budgeting and months of haggling with vendors before the actual wedding happens. Everybody you know, your friends and family will only talk about the wedding, and quite frankly, it gets overwhelming after some time. So to help you keep your head in the clear, we’ve jotted down a few amazing tips that you should consider following in during the months and weeks leading up to your big day and giving you a stress-free wedding.

Staying calm, organized and within your budget will let you keep your head above the water and enjoy your big day. Staying within the limits of your budget will also be something that you’ll have to keep in mind throughout the planning. Cutting down costs if you’re ready to be flexible is actually very easy, like buying wholesale flowers online for the wedding décor can help you save money big time.

Plan ahead and stay organized

When planning your wedding, never have an ‘I’ll figure it out later outlook’ it’s the worst thing that you can do to yourself because the little things left for later tend to pile up and cause last minute problems. It’s necessary to plan ahead every little detail and get things that need to be done immediately. Staying organized will save you not only time and money but gives you some breathing space and a clear head.

Make proper written down lists of every detail

Make proper editable google docs for names and address of everyone on your guest list. Keep tabs on all the vendors stress-free weddingyou’ve hired and all the services they are providing along with costs, meeting dates and duties on and before the wedding day. Trust us. This will be a huge relief for you. 

Find a singular venue for the big day

The most important part of your wedding planning will be your venue. If you can find a venue that can hold your ceremony as well as the reception party it will prove to be a great money saver. Venues like private beaches and public spaces are almost free. Using these spaces will make sure that there is no money-related stress because, let’s be honest, a wedding venue is expensive. But if you can cut down on those costs, you can probably spend that much on the décor or dress.

Make sure you find most of the services from a singular vendor

Finding singular vendors like florists who are also designers can not only help you save money big time but be a lesser hassle than managing two-three different people at the same time. There are many vendors who provide a lot of wedding services together and if you do find someone who can do your lights as well as invitations you’ll be able to get a pretty good discount. 

Trust your wedding planner or coordinator

If you’re hiring help, a wedding planner or just a month or day coordinator, you’ll have to learn to trust them and leave things to them. If you have good communication with them and they are on board with your ideas and the way you want everything to work out there is no reason to stress. So it’s important to find a coordinator that takes the burden off your shoulders and understand you well enough. 

A budget-friendly wedding décor

sstress-free weddingIt’s quite possible to go overboard with your décor and spend lots of money on it. But money is one of the main sources of stress in planning a wedding so why don’t you try and save some by ordering the flowers for décor online and in bulk. There are numerous trusted wholesale flower services that should cater to your exact floral needs.

Bring an extra pair of comfortable heels on the wedding day

This may seem funny at first but most of the time brides wear new heels to the wedding ceremony and reception. The two possible things that could potentially happen would be either shoe bites or a broken heel. If you’re carrying some comfortable alternative, it’ll relieve your stress a little.

Try not to get involved in last minute details

There will be little things that go wrong. And even though it is the most inappropriate and inconsiderate thing to do people will come to you directly in case that happens. You will have to learn not involve yourself in the last minute details and leave it to a trusty family member or friend. Try not get involved in the family drama either that is bound to happen with your entire family under one roof. 

Just simply do not stress

It’s easy to give in to stress and hold your head in your hands, but we suggest that you keep the calmest composure even when some things are going wrong. It’s a wedding, and that’s bound to happen. People might show up late; the flower girl starts crying or something is wrong with the décor. But know that the little details you are fussing about may not even be that important.

Prioritise and remember what’s important

It is important to prioritize and remember that it’s not necessary to stress so much because you’re going to marry the person you love surrounded by loving family and friends and that what’s important after all. Let go of the little things at the end of the day and try to look at the bigger picture.





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