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10 Pieces Of Nutrition And Health Advice to Help You Heal

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When I started to take care of my body and mind, I was a beginner in the field of nutrition and health in general. I had many ups and down with advice on the Internet. Some worked for me, some worked only for a short period of time and some things simply didn’t work for me at all. It took me years of research to actually find the things that are suitable for me. Some of these things that I will tell you about, I wish I had known earlier and some of them I wish I had shared with people earlier because they might have changed someone’s life at that time. That’s why today, here I am with my ultimate nutrition and health advice to help you on your journey to healing yourself from your past, from your bad habits and to start a new life:

  1.   Meat isn’t needed for you to be healthy

You see, many people have this misconception embedded in their mind that they have been taught since they were little, telling them how healthy meat actually is. The headlines from the World Health Organization a few years back showed us their studies that confirmed red meat to be cancerous. Many other studies show that consuming meat makes it harder for you to maintain a healthy body weight because it contains hormones. It also can contribute to erectile dysfunction in men.

A study done in the year 2015 by Switzerland’s Federal Commission for Nutrition shows that the consumption of red meat can cause type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems. This doesn’t mean that you should stop eating meat—I know that many people love everything about meat and that they could never give it up. But at least decrease the amount of meat you put into your system to the bare minimum. Do it for yourself.

  1.   Coffee isn’t your enemy

Don’t deprive yourself of coffee when there’s no need for that. People keep on telling us that coffee is bad for many reasons. In actuality, coffee is high in antioxidants. By now, we are all familiar with the research The British Medical Journal did a while back, about all the benefits of coffee, saying that it can reduce cardiovascular problems and it lowers the risk of death from a stroke. Some studies even show that the intake of coffee can actually decrease the possibility of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes. So you do not have to fear coffee. It might even be good for you.

  1.   Take vitamins like B12 and D3

No matter whether you do or do not eat meat, vitamin B12 is good for your organs, so you have to take it, even in supplements. The National Institutes of Health created a whole article, saying how B12 is required for the creation of red blood cells and neurological functions, stating that B12 can be found in all meat products but not in plants, which means that supplements are a must. When it comes to D3, if you don’t get enough sunlight, it’s crucial that you take this vitamin at least in supplements. A study that was conducted by Ohio University scientists suggests that getting D3 from the sun might actually restore damage to your cardiovascular system.

  1.   Do cardio

Your heart needs action to get stronger! Do some cardio each day to improve the workings of your heart because thinking about if a guy loves you and getting all pumped up about it isn’t going to cut it. Go to the gym, go for a run, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and walk to your job instead of using your car. You can do so many simple things just to help your body function better. Of course, you must consider if these types of exercise work best for you and please be careful not to overdo it. Find what works best for you when it comes to moving your body and work on that!

  1.   Use many herbs and spices

Not only is your food going to taste better but using more herbs and spices (ginger, for example) can actually help your health. Many spices have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Go out now and buy a few new spices to try out today, experiment around with them, because they truly can be beneficial to your health. Adrienne Youdim, MD, (Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine) even says that adding spices to your food can help you cut down on less healthy ingredients that we constantly put into our food, like sugar, salt and added fats. So don’t hesitate anymore!

  1.   Get rid of toxic people

What better health advice can you get than someone telling you to walk away from those toxic people around you? Most of them are poisonous to your body, mind, and heart and that is reason enough for you to discard them once and for all. Of course, this is only my opinion, but by cutting down and/or not dealing with people who have nothing positive to offer you, you are basically increasing your mental health.

  1.   Mix up your greens

Leafy greens are packed with all sorts of nutrients, so don’t just stand by your basic, everyday, green salad that you’ve been eating all the time; instead, mix up your greens, experiment with different salads that might taste even b https:// than the one you’re sticking to right now. Add more kale and cabbage to your meals and your body will feel better in no time! A study published in the medical journal Neurology, by Dr Martha Morris, of Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, says that we should be putting a portion of leafy greens into our body every day to better our brain function and reduce memory loss in our older years.

  1.   Ditch the thought of perfectionism

I have been so stressed at times, thinking that I didn’t do something right, that I failed at being a perfect, healthy example of a human being and it caused me so much anxiety like nothing else ever did. I didn’t know how to love my imperfect self. But once I realized that there’s no one perfect in this world and that I can’t be perfect either, I stopped stressing out about it and I actually started to enjoy my life, my meals, and my exercise.

  1.   Load up your fridge and pantry

Where we most often make a mistake is by not loading up our kitchen with healthy options and we end up reaching for unhealthy snacks because they are convenient. Instead of doing that, load up your fridge and pantry with healthy food that can help you on your journey to healing your mind and body. So the next time you have the need for a snack, instead of reaching for potato chips, why don’t you reach for some hummus and carrots? Your body will be grateful to you.

  1.  Drink more water

No matter how much water you’re drinking right now, increase the amount and I promise you that you will be more be thankful to yourself for choosing to do so. Drink at least one glass of water before any meal, because that will fill you up a bit and it will prevent you from eating too much. You really can’t go wrong with this. Drink water first thing in the morning to start off your day with something fresh and your body sure will feel the change. CamelBak hydration expert Doug Casa, Ph.D., says that water really does influence 100% of the processes in our body!




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