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 4 Ways To Stop Feeling Jealous

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 4 Ways To Stop Feeling Jealous

What we think about others and ourselves ultimately shapes our reality and not the reality of anyone else. When you feel jealous of someone, it is because you are not doing enough for yourself. You are not paying attention to your own needs and desires. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to feel jealous. We feel jealous of others’ success, our friend’s happiness and sometimes we feel jealous of even our sibling’s wealth. All these feelings are natural but evil. If you feel jealous of someone’s wealth, you are probably not going to get rich—ever. It is important to find ways to help you stop feeling jealous.

The feeling of jealousy arises when you neglect your own potential and focus on weaknesses while focusing on another’s potential and strength. When you compare yourself like this, you feel diminished and lost. When you feel jealous of someone, you concentrate on their success and everything that they have and you don’t have. In return, their success and happiness continue to amplify while you remain broke.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

When you compare yourself to others it is obvious that either you’re going to feel happy (motivated) or sad (demotivated). When you compare yourself to someone who is doing better than you then you may feel sad and jealous. On the other hand, if you compare yourself with someone who is not as efficient as you, you will feel right and pat yourself on the back.

But this is not the way you should compare yourself. If you want to compare yourself to someone, compare the present you with the past you, this will give a clear image of your progress and development.

This way of comparison will improve you consistently, and you will see a constant personal growth in all areas of your life.

Focus On Personal Development

Focusing on yourself is important and necessary if you want to beat jealousy. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can ever do in your life. When you start investing in yourself by learning new skills and adopting new qualities, you won’t feel jealous of anybody. The whole idea of personal development is to make yourself presentable and progressive. Be it reading books or listening to podcasts these all are the elements of personal growth. Personal development should not be limited to only career growth, but you should also focus on your health and appearance.

Appreciate People

Appreciation is the best medicine to combat jealousy. If you feel jealous of someone or think bad about someone, stop it and thank them for their good deeds. It balances your negative feeling for them. Appreciating others shows your confidence.  Those who feel insecure about themselves cannot recognize others. Praising someone requires positivity in your mind for others and yourself. In addition,  appreciation improves your relationship with people and makes you more likable. Make sure that your appreciation is genuine and true and not just for pleasing them.

Let It Go

Letting go of the things and people that do not serve you well is the solution to many of your problems. When you decide to let go of your past and miseries, you free yourself from the cage of sadness and worries. Letting go is like breaking the boundaries of your perceived limits that always stop you from doing what your heart says. Those who work for themselves and care about their life do not feel jealous of anyone—they are very happy in their life.


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